The Benefits of Using a Specialized Recruiting Agency
Posted by staffinginfo, 01/30/2018 10:14 am

A specialized recruiting agency, such as 360 Healthcare Staffing, caters to one or two industries. The benefits are immense, especially when the industry is facing major challenges. General agency recruiters are familiar with all the industries in which they practice, but may lack a deep understanding of any one of those industries. That is not helpful in a staffing shortage because arriving at innovative solutions may not be possible.

The Healthcare Example

The current healthcare challenges are due to an aging population. Medical technologies and medications can keep people alive longer, but that does not guarantee independence. The need for long-term care facilities is growing at a staggering rate. At the same time, people graduating from nursing programs has declined in some areas and stayed the same in others.

The result is a shortage of qualified professionals to work in such facilities. This is critical because the quality of care, compliance with staffing ratios, and safety of patients and staff are all compromised. Facilities administrators are also in short supply. Nursing supervisors, registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses are essential to the daily operations of facilities.

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Devising Solutions

The use of traveling nurses has been in practice for many years to address the difficulty in staffing facilities in remote and rural areas. There is simply not enough professionals to meet the needs in those areas on a regular basis. Extending the option to more populated areas has helped fill in staffing gaps in all areas at the current time. Facilities in need of temporary help can provide specific staffing info to the agency.

New Ideas

Interim Leadership Staffing is a way for facilities to remain functioning without sacrificing critical aspects of supervisor and administrator positions. Candidates presented are qualified and prepared to complete all the duties of a leadership position. Reporting, adherence to regulations, supervising, scheduling, and financial accountability are all meet with strong leadership skills. People are not thrown into a position to be a warm body in case of an inspection.

They are capable of being valuable assets to the facility so quality of care remains high. Improvements can be made, issues are addressed as they arise, and the wing or department will operate smoothly. The agency operates nationwide, so view 360 Healthcare Staffing for details and solutions to staffing challenges. Searches for permanent placements are conducted in earnest as well. That is the perfect solution for consistency, moving forward, and constant improvement of the facility.

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